Why be anything less than your full potential?

going to the beach in a bikini :D

i usually rock dat one piece… a lot.

but my mommy asked me to go to the beach with her, and i figured since

a) my arms and legs are daaaark, and my stomach is pasty, I could use a little evening out ;)

and b) if someone doesn’t like my badddah that is their issue and their concern, I can not control the thoughts of others. 


I feel pretty damn good. 


oh, and my sweep makes me happy. : )

  1. zombearsquatter said: Jaw-dropping thighs. DEM QUADS HOLY CRAP.
  2. icanbenchyou said: you should NOT be rocking a one-piece.
  3. stephsaysgo said: You look great!!
  4. snarky-b said: You look great!
  5. deadlifts-and-donuts said: Looking good though
  6. squatslikeagirl posted this

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